I am a mom that homeschooled all three of our children and I love my family very much. I don’t pretend I have all the answers, but I want to encourage anyone who needs it. We lived on 20 beautiful acres, up in the mountains of Washington state. I am a lover of Christ, who died for my sins. We were off-grid homesteaders and learned a lot about life, family, and dependence on one another. We had a ministry called Cherith Brook Ranch. This was for burned out Christians to come get away from it all.  1 Kings 17:3 talks about Elijah when he was told by God to go to the Brook Cherith and hide. This is what our ministry is all about – people coming and being refreshed. They can stay as long as they like. We are now living in Mexico and all those years of living off-grid has come in handy! We lose our power pretty regularly, here in Mexico, and we live off a dirt road just like we did on the mountain. We are continuing our ministry called Cherith Brook Baja. My husband teaches Bible studies and helps with construction when needed. I am teaching missionary kids and help at a women’s home and love it!

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