How Bright is the Moon?

“Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

It is finally here! My husband I wrote a children’s story called “How Bright is the Moon?” many years ago, however between writing it, losing it, finding it, rewriting it, and then trying to find an illustrator, it took eight years to publish it.

The book “How Bright is the Moon?” came into being shortly after God introduced the true concept of grace to my husband, Mark, one night on a dirt road under a bright harvest moon in the mountains of California.

Many of us believe grace to mean mercy. Although we definitely need mercy in our day to day lives, grace is much different. It is the greek word Charis (pronounced khar’-ece) and it means the divine reflection of God in one’s life.

This children’s story takes you on a journey of finding out just how bright the moon is. The setting is in a mountain top kingdom with a King and his precious family. After working long hours in the wheat fields all day, the King comes home to his family and his youngest daughter, Sarah, asks her father, “How bright is the moon?” Along this journey you will learn about grace and the importance of it in our walk with Jesus. We have included a grace study guide to go along with the book to do as a devotional with the whole family.

It is available on Createspace and will be available on Amazon soon! Click on the link to order your copy today!   createspace order page.



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