Rite of Passage

“This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.” Matthew 3:17

This weekend we got the pleasure of blessing our only son with a “Rite of Passage.” In our American culture we don’t have a ritual that brings a boy into a man. Having a son and, seeing the need to make a statement that, “He is now a man.” my husband and I started thinking of a way that we could have a meaningful celebration for our 19 year-old son. stream

We decided it would be great if we could take him into the woods for three days and two nights with a tent, some water and firewood, and have the godly men in his life bring him the food he needs one meal at a time.  The thought was to have seven different mentors (one at a time), bring him seven different meals and not only give him a meal, but give him encouraging words along with words of wisdom, and a verse from the Bible to hold onto. We wanted the men to discuss what it means to be a godly man in our world today.

We have been so overwhelmed with the response! My son has been blessed beyond our wildest dreams! But, not only our son, the reply from the men involved has been amazing. Each one of them has told us that they had a great time sitting and sharing a meal with our son, Aaron. The verse “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17) comes to mind. Sitting and talking about the trials and troubles this world has in it, but being encouraged because we have each others back and we are not alone in this life is such a wonderful thing.

Tonight my husband will bring all the men together and speak a blessing over Aaron. They will share one last meal as a whole group. I couldn’t be more pleased that the Lord put this on our hearts to do for our son. God is in the details!


One thought on “Rite of Passage

  1. Christine I just got your book and it is right now the highlight of hope in my Christmas season thank you so much and I really want to reconnect. I pray for you often.
    Anita Reynolds

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