Homesteading 101

We had quite a shock after we had been in our little cabin for a month. The snow started to fall. It was the end of October. Growing up, I remember the first snowfall happening in January or February. So, this was not expected at all. My husband looked at me and said, “Oh no! We don’t have any frewood stored.” So, guess what we had to do? Yep, we had to go get firewood and quick. The temperature had dropped and we were all very cold. We got the family dressed in our snow gear, followed my husband to some dead trees on the property and he started the chainsaw. The kids and I would set up the biscuits, while Mark would chop the wood. We would set up the remaining pieces that could be chopped again and did this until we had enough wood to last us for a few days. Our hands were ice cold and our cheeks were rosy red from the freezing temperatures. However, It was worth it.

Once we got the wood chopped, we stacked the wood by the house, put some inside by the woodstove and had a nice cup of apple cider by the warm fire. The fire seemed to have a special sense to it. I think having everyone participate in the event made it all the more richer to share. Now that was done, we could focus on other things.

People looked at us, in this small cabin and wondered if we had gone crazy. I know we hadn’t lost our minds – I knew we were actually doing what was best for our children. The simplicities of life. Helping one other. Our kids were learning to rely on one another. Society has made it so that “independence” is what we are focused on. Dependency is frowned upon. Why? I was beginning to ask myself questions that I hadn’t thought of before. A baby on a mother’s breast, is dependent. It’s a beautiful thing and most people would agree that it’s wonderful. Life coming from the mother. Amazing. I was realizing that dependability on each other as a family member was what God had intended. Not to be selfish. To help each other, whether with firewood or school work. It gets the focus off ourselves and on to serving others. I was beginning to marvel at what God had in store for our lives up here. I had a feeling that this was only the beginning of a life-long journey.


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