More on Homesteading…

We have lived without “traditional” power now for three years. Some people look at us like we are crazy, while others think it’s cool and is the “green” way to go. I actually love it. Being a woman, people don’t expect it from me. They say things such as, “Oh, I could never do that.” Or, “Your husband must have pushed you into it.” My answer is always the same…”if you’ve never tried, how will you know if you like it?” My husband did not push me into living this way. Both of us love the outdoors. When we were dating we spent time hiking. Mark, (my husband) did show me a world that I had never experienced before. I grew up in the city and hadn’t really “camped” until I was in high school when a group of my friends went tent camping. I found that I really enjoyed it.

On our honeymoon, we spent three weeks in the woods. We started off at a cabin in Oregon for one week. We went hiking, used a wood fired sauna, and went swimming in the river. Then we went to Yellowstone National Park. I was amazed at the natural beauty all around me. Mark had worked as a fishing guide in Yellowstone and knew all of the exciting places to go. He showed me the hot springs, took me on a fishing boat ride, more hiking, and eating over a hot fire. I loved every minute of it. It reminded me that God had designed this earth and I could only imagine what the garden of Eden must have looked like – without sin.

After having our three children – MarkAaron, Storm, and Sarah, we felt a tug on our hearts to start a ministry for burned out christians. We just didn’t know where to start this ministry. After a few months the Lord showed my husband a verse. 1 Kings 17:3 Get away from here and turn eastward and hide by the Brook Cherith, which flows into the Jordan. I was so amazed that God had showed him this verse. It has meant so much to us. After awhile we knew God wanted us to name our ministry Cherith Brook.

A few months passed and we still didn’t have any property to start Cherith Brook. We started looking in Eastern Washington. We didn’t have any money to buy the property but we felt that we were supposed to start searching for the right place. We looked at several properties in Tonasket, WA. We met with a realtor and nothing looked promising. Nothing felt like it was the “right” place. We went to Tonasket two times – which was a 5 1/2 hour drive for us. The second trip over, we found a piece of property we liked and put money down on it. It didn’t have anything on the property except for a hand dug well. We thought this was the place to start. God had different plans. The owner didn’t have timber rights and we weren’t going to be allowed to cut down any trees to start a cabin or for firewood. This wasn’t going to work for us, so back to the drawing board. There was one piece of land we really liked but it was farther out and it was twice as much. We went to look at it for the third time and was reminded about something our pastor had told us, “Where the Lord leads, He provides.” So, we prayed about it and once again, God amazed us.

I had been in a car accident two years before. I wasn’t hurt too badly, but did suffer from back injuries. I was going to receive a settlement but didn’t know when or for how much. We decided to put earnest money down on the property and to trust God for the rest. Well, a week before we needed the rest of the down payment, I got a call from my lawyer saying that they had settled and I would be getting a check in the mail soon. The check came a few days later and it was for the exact amount that we needed to complete the land deal! God is awesome!!!


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