My Homestead life

Over the past three years my husband and I moved our family to go live a simpler life.  We bought 20 beautiful acres outside of Tonasket, Washington. When we arrived on the property there was a small hunters cabin – about 640 square feet, a natural spring, an outhouse and plenty of room to roam. We have three wonderful children, all of which I homeschool.

The first month was the hardest. Coming from the 21st century and taking a step into the past was not easy. We would have to drive into town to take showers and do our laundry. This would be an all day affair. We would also stock up on groceries for the week.

First things first…We had to clean the entire cabin as it had been left empty for quite some time. My daughters, Storm and Sarah helped with getting everything in working order.  We scrubbed and scrubbed and then painted over the OSB board that had been used instead of sheet-rock. I was wanting to make the little cabin a bit more cozy and not looking like a “man’s” cabin. I wanted it to be a home.

This blog will go into our daily duties and how we survived some of the hardships. This is my first blog so please be patient as I am learning this wonderful skill.


2 thoughts on “My Homestead life

  1. I am in awe of you & your choices! My Husband and I are in the process of following in your footsteps (minus the ministry) and are wondering, “Is this possible?!” Thank you for the inspiration to take a step of faith and do life like God intended life to be done…HIS way!

    • Go for it! Your friends and family may think you’re crazy, but if God is leading you there, what else can you do?
      It may be hard at times, but the good far outways the bad. God Bless. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail.

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